Class of 2021

Dear future 9th graders,

We all know how you are feeling,we have been in the same position you were in this year. It a new school, new friends, new faces, brand new building, but no matter what don’t be nervous. High school really nothing to be worried about, if anything it’s better. Everyone says you get the quote on quote” Freshman Beat down” the first day of school but that’s just people talking to scare you but it doesn’t happen. Upperclassmen will stare you down or call you the annoying little freshman but it doesn’t last forever, it happens and most likely it will be the seniors saying it. It’s there last year so they torment you. I remember my 8th grade year I had a friend that attends FHHS and they said” Chantel, in high school you’re going to lose all your friends” and of course I didn’t believe her until now. I came into the school year with like 10 of my closest friends and now I only talk to two of them every single day. Drama is apart of high school, it’s gonna happen some time or later unless you choose your friends wisely and make good decisions. Everything you do in high school will affect you and potentially your future. Fighting is not cool or funny. Being or causing a fight could get you suspended or even expelled.Collages look at your record and if it comes down to you and another opponent and they look at behavior there accepting the other student not you. The first day of school will be overwhelming for sure but you got this. Most of your classes are on the same floor and if you get lost just ask a peer or a upperclassman to help and they will, worse comes to worse ask a teacher. By the way always respect the teachers. You might think 8th grade work was easy and though this years work was going to be difficult, well your right it is. You will have multiple exams, test and worksheets but no matter what you have to always be prepared. Try your hardest at everything you do and I’m glad to welcome you class of 2021.




Blog’s I visited

A Dreamers World 

I visited ” A dreamer’s World” because race is such a big topic and debate that goes on in the world. Nobody should ever get treated or bashed on because of their skin color. Everyone in the world is  equal and human so we need to treat them like it. We need to be the generation who changes the world and stop stereotyping and stop basing them off the color of their skin.

Santa Cruz 

I visited ” Santa Cruz because I’ve always wanted to Visit California and visit all the cool attractions Oliva mentioned in her post. I also visited this page because it was the first thing that caught my mind and interested me.

Family Members 

I visited Emily blog because she wrote about her family. Family means so much to me because at the end of the day you can only rely on your family. She wrote about similar things that we both have in common and it really caught my eye. So that why I read Emily post.

Sports and Updates 

I read Sports and Updates because I really enjoy playing and watching sports. The more I read the more we had in common and I really enjoyed it. We both played soccer and he did track and I love watching it. He is such a talented writer and he had me hooked from the start.

Student Challenging Blog 7

I read Nicole blog because Its something a lot of people need to read. It’s an eye opening story and it connects to a lot of young people in today society. Alot it shows that we are spending so much time on our phone that we are fading away from friends, family and real connections.



Knocked Out

So we are at that age where we just entered high school and we need to start thinking about our futures. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to become an anesthesiologist. If you don’t know what an anesthesiologist is, it’s the person that puts you to sleep with anesthesia whenever you go into surgery or get your wisdom teeth taken out. It’s always funny seeing how adults and kids react when waking up from the gas.

To become an anesthesiologist you must go through the correct courses. Four years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school, and four years of residency, so overall twelve years of schooling. You don’t see many people going into this profession a lot because they don’t want to go through all of the schooling. It’s not about the schooling, it’s about making a good job for yourself and making the money to support your family.

I’m a Freshman in high school now but I’m already planning my future. I am a straight a student and have a 3.4 GPA and I plan on working my way further and pushing for better. I take twenty minutes out of my day to study little by little each day and to help me grow into the successful person I want to become today.

Picture of a Anesthesiologist putting someone putting someone under. Photo courtesy of  How to become 

Family Over Everything :)

Have you ever wondered how people who aren’t “blood related” considered family. Well you’re going to find out today. When I was born my biological parents wasn’t always the best. They didn’t always look out for my best interest. They were always high off of some drug, it was a different one each week. They get high then move on to the next. Unaware of using the drug they didn’t know that I could inherit their addictive personality. They weren’t ready for a child and the responsibility that go along with having a child. That’s what hurt the most.Two days after my biological mother had me both of my biological parents had went to jail. Nowhere to go beside foster care my Aunt steeped in and took me in. She and her family had loved me, feed me, provided clothes and shelter for me.For this I would be forever grateful. I had never called or considered her my Aunt because she was my mom. My mom got married when she was 14 years old and had her first child at 16 and another at 19. My mother just had a 45 year anniversary with my dad. It’s so amazing to see true love play out this way. I have a sister who is 34 years old and has 4 amazing children.Two crazy boys and 2 beautiful girls. Also my brother who is 37 and has 1 brilliant child. We are all crazy and loud and definitely not afraid to tell you the truth, especially my grandma. Gosh my grandma is so amazing she has the BRIGHTEST spirit. She is goofy, smart, and more than beyond wise. Point is I would never trade my crazy dysfunctional family for anything else in this world.

Domestic Violence

Opinion – Domestic Violence/Bullying


We all have heard the phrase “I’m doing this because I love you”. Love isnt abuse and you don’t have to take it. Domestic violence is one of today’s most global issues. Domestic Violence is violence or aggression within a home, usually between family or a spouse. One in four women will experience abuse in her lifetime. Abuse is not acceptable and you should speak up immediately. People who have experienced or saw an abusive relationship will most likely subject to long term consequences such as eating disorders, drug abuse and even suicide.In the Huffington post article, “30 shocking domestic violence statistics that remind us its an epidemic“, 85% of domestic abuse are in women and in most cases they don’t speak up and report the abuse. It’s okay if you been in one because you are not at fault you are the victim no matter what. Don’t let there be a next time and speak up! Quit Domestic Abuse and ask for help.For help and advice you can visit these two websites.”Domestic Violence”. and “Violence Protection”

Good and Bad Commenting

When commenting  you have to be respectful and consider these people put a lot of work into their post. Some topics you might not be able to relate to and that’s okay, but try to relate and comment things that you might have in common. The golden rule is if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it. You don’t want others to judge your post just as much as they do. A good comment should be at least 3-5 sentences and include yous blog page. Including your blog page will increase comments and links so people can see all the hard work you have been doing. Bad examples of commenting is letting others down with rude comments or just being a rude classmate. Also don’t one word in you comment, because it makes the writer just think you weren’t really interested in your blog post. Next time you have a hard time thinking about what to comment just come back and check out my post.

” A birthday picture to Hermine ” by Robert Rauschenberg

When looking at me, you probably don’t see much that’s because I’m not. I’m just another ordinary  painting made by an Extraordinary person. I have so much to tell, but can’t explain. I know more then you might think. Take a deep look at me then close your eyes. Think about my texture. Who am I? I can’t talk but I can show my true meaning deep below. Together we are united, together as one.  I don’t seem like much but I mean something to someone. Some of you might not get this painting and it’s ok because we are all the same in one way.